Cardboard Camera lets you take a panorama photo of the world around you, and then renders it into a format that can be viewed in VR. This means that you can strap on your Daydream View, and relive those awesome moments, complete with audio and depth.

Here's how to get the best photos with this app!

What is Cardboard Camera?

Cardboard Camera is almost exactly what it says. It's a camera that allows you to take photos with your phone, which are then saved in a way which allows them to be viewed from within VR. This includes the ambient sound going on around you, as well as exactly what you took a picture of. That includes depth too, so near things look near, and items in the distance appear as far away as they were when you took the photo itself.

You'll be able to take photos from within the app, and as soon as they save you can view them in VR. It does take a few minutes for your phone to process the photo so it's available for viewing but it is well worth the wait. When you take a photo, you'll very slowly swivel around to capture a panorama of what is going on around you. The photo will only contain what your camera can see as you take the photo, so be sure that you've got things lined up the way you want them.

You can even send your favorite photos from within the app to your friends.

There are also few things to remember here. You'll want to move your phone at a slow but steady pace when taking the photo. This means if you're anything like me and have hands that shake, you'll want to use a tripod and a stabilizer to ensure you get the best picture possible. It is possible to get a good photo without these accessories, but it might take a try or two before you get the hang of it. The app will also notify you if you are moving too fast, so keep an eye on your screen so that you don't lose your photo halfway through the process. Since Cardboard Camera also captures sound, you may want to ensure you wait for that train to pass, or car alarm to cease before taking your photograph.

You can even send your favorite photos from within the app to your friends. So if they miss an awesome street festival in the city, you can give them a taste of what it actually looked and sounded like by sharing your photos directly with them. Of course they'll need their own VR headset to properly view them on their own devices.

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How does it work with Daydream?

After you've captures some awesome moments with Cardboard Camera, it's time to experience them in VR. You'll want to open them from the app, since you don't get access to a gallery from within your Daydream.

Just open up the Cardboard Camera app, tap on the photo you want to view, and then tap on the orange button that has a cardboard headset on it, at the bottom of your screen. Now you can put your phone into your Daydream and experience that moment all over again! The first time that you view a photo you've taken with Cardboard Camera can be a little bit strange.

This is not only because it feels like you're revisiting your past, but also because it isn't like viewing most photos in VR. You get the depth of the photo, along with ambient noise, which really makes you feel like you've been transported into the photo. However, you can't see anything if you look up, or down. In fact, you can only see the narrow slice where you took a photo with your phone. While this is more than enough to deliver a great experience, it can be a bit strange, since above and below the photo everything is just sort of blurry.

Have you used Cardboard Camera with Daydream?

Cardboard Camera lets you take photos while you're out and about, and then view them in VR once you've got your headset handy. It works well with Daydream, and since you can share your photos, it's a great way to show your friends exactly what was going on while you were on vacation. Have you used Cardboard Photos with Daydream? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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