What do I need to know about Skyrim VR?

A surprise trailer for Skyrim VR was shown during the Sony presentation at E3 2017. Arriving on the heels of the Fallout 4 VR trailer, many fans were left with a bunch of questions regarding Bethesda's move to take their beloved fantasy RPG into VR. To help spread the word, here's everything we know so far.

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How is Skyrim VR different from regular Skyrim?

Skyrim VR will contain exactly the same gameplay as the regular version of Skyrim, but you'll be in the game with the PSVR head-mounted display. This will significantly change the overall experience, but don't expect to see any new content.

Is Skyrim VR a PlayStation VR exclusive?

Although it was first revealed for PSVR, Bethesda has confirmed to GameSpot that there will be an HTC Vive version of the game releasing sometime next year. At present there is no information to suggest that it will be released on the Oculus Rift, but given that information on the Vive version came out after new of the PSVR release, there is still the possibility that it could receive the game in the future.

Does Skyrim VR include the expansion DLC packs?

Yes, it does. All three expansion DLC packs, including Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn, are included in Skyrim VR. That's a whole lot of content.

What type of movement does Skyrim VR employ?

Bethesda has announced that full locomotion is possible with the Dual Shock 4. Normal walking and running are simulated rather than going with a teleportation method. However, a playable demo version only allowed movement via teleportation. It is possible that locomotion is restricted to DS4 play and that teleportation is for Move controller play, but there hasn't been any official confirmation one way or the other on this matter.

How do the controls work in Skyrim VR?

Skyrim VR can be controlled with either a DualShock 4 controller or the PlayStation Move controllers. When using the Move controllers, an ability can be assigned to each hand using a Favorites menu, and the demo version of the game confirms that you will still be able to mix combo attacks, such as ice and fire.

Whether or not true 1:1 tracking will be implemented with the Move controllers is unknown and we will have to wait for a confirmation from Bethesda. If swinging your arm in real life only moves your sword or shield on a set path in the game, there's no doubt many people will be let down. However, one positive indicator is that head tracking in the demo version seemed very robust, and allowed players to dodge attacks and duck around corners.

Do I get Skyrim VR if I already have Skyrim for PlayStation 4?

Unfortunately, no. Skyrim VR is a completely separate purchase, and, considering all three expansion packs are included, is actually a pretty sweet deal.

How much does Skyrim VR cost, and where and when can I buy it?

A preorder for Skyrim VR costs about $60 at the PlayStation Store, and you can expect to see that price stay constant wherever it's initially sold.

As for a specific release date, all we know is that it's coming November 17 2017, just a month before Fallout 4 VR releases for HTC Vive. It's going to be a fun winter!